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Date: Wed, 10 Jun 1998 15:43:51 -0700 (PDT)
Good afternoon.

In response to many inquiries since the C-31 XR was displayed at Visalia and 
subsequently presented at Dayton and Dallas AND, with the permission of Steve, 
K7LXC, the following is a short overview of the new 31' boom tribander from 
Force 12. Full details are forthcoming on the web site, which will include all 
of the 1998 brochure.

The C-31XR is in production and has already been shipped to customers.

The C-31XR has been designed as a significant step up from our tremendous C-3, 
making the C-31XR the ultimate tribander.

It is designed for only 20-15-10. Some of the features are:

* 31' boom, 14 elements, all full size (no traps, no log periodic drive cells).

* The C-31XR is 3 monobanders overlaid on a common boom, with each one 
between 25-26' of the boom:
        a wide spaced 3el 20,
        a wide spaced 4el 15 and
        7 elements on 10 mtrs.

* Single OR individual feedlines at your choice: anytime. (Uses a combination 
our open sleeve C-3 feed and the "closed sleeve" from the WARC-7 and C-3SS).

* Mounting is almost exactly in the center, making it easy to turn and has a 
gap between elements at the mounting location.

* The forward gain is stepped to assist in stacking effectiveness.

* 10.5 sqft windload, about 80 pounds.

* Standard 100 mph rating (boom is computed at 170 mph)

* The suffix "XR" is for Natan, W6XR/2, who gently prodded me for the last two 
years to finish it!

The list price on the C-31XR is $1,175 and the convention price is $998. 
Shipping is via UPS; 2 boxes (7' x 8" x 10").

Appreciate your time to read this.

Have a great day & 73,
                Tom Schiller, N6BT
                President, Force 12, Inc.
                        Amateur Antennas, Commercial Towers & Antennas
                P.O. Box 1349 Paso Robles, CA  93447
                Phone: 805.227.1680   FAX 805.227.1684
                Web Site:

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