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[TowerTalk] Peripheral ground system

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Peripheral ground system
From: (Chad Kurszewski WE9V)
Date: Thu, 11 Jun 1998 10:08:34 -0500
>More to the point, what does the frost line have to do with buried wire,
>anyway?  If you don't bury radials that deep, why would you have to do so
>with a perimeter ground wire?  For that matter, all of my feed and control
>lines come across the lawn in two runs of PVC conduit, which is buried only
>about 3 inches deep, and it has stayed put so far through one very hard
>winter and two average ones.
>Am I missing something?

I'll jump in here and suggest that it has to do with moisture is (relatively)
conductive whereas ice is not.  The object of using bare wire is so that
it too can bleed off charge.  Frozen ground is not as conductive as
thawed ground.  (I think.)

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