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Subject: [TowerTalk] re:Verticals?
From: (Blake M Meinecke)
Date: Thu, 11 Jun 1998 21:00:52 EDT

>     I've got a local ham who can only install an HF vertical in a kind
>restricted spot. He can only put a couple of radials out but they'll
have to
>be bent, shortened, etc. in order to get them in so he's looking at the
>radials required' vertical antennas. He's looking at the Gap Titan,
>DX-77 and Cushcraft R-7000. If you had to make this decision, which one
>you buy and install? All comments welcomed. Tnx.

For a cheap alternative, how about a Hustler??   I use one (6BTV) in the
same kindof setup you're describing.  Put a Cushcraft tuned radial kit
under it in a ground mounted setup.  It's short (24'), which makes it
easy to put up/take down by one's self.  Mine isn't guyed, (landlord said
no to the guys)  and has withstood the nearby tornadoes here in Oviedo
few months back.  Easy to tune too, trap design.  Performance is
verticalish, but hey, that'll improve your operator savvy!!  Have also
used a Butternut, 5 stories up on a copper clad roof.  Works like
gangbusters.  Hard to tune though.


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