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Date: 12 Jun 1998 12:56:01 Z

However, my crank-up manufactured by ALUMA-TOWER uses stainless
steel cable.  BTW, the cable does not support the sections once the
tower is cranked up.  There is a rotating SS block controlled by a pull
cable that rotates out of the way while the tower is cranked up, and then
rotates down under and under a horizontal rung on the second section.
When the tower is then lowered slightly, there is a notch in the block that
cradles the rung and takes the weight off the cable.  There is also a
second cable on the winch that functions as a positive pull-down.

Jim              W4LC

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In a message dated 98-06-11 21:19:06 EDT, writes:

> I've heard that using stainless steel cable for crank-up towers is not
>  recommended. That
>  TRI-EX recommends against using stainless steel cable. Why would
>  be? Is it because stainless steel is best suited for straight pull
>  stress rather than bends around pulleys and winches?
       I'm not sure of the reason for not using SS cable but I imagine there
are some issues with moving cables. Interesting question though.

      As far as I know, the crank-up manufacturers use 7x19 galvanized
Whether this has to do with more than cost, I don't have the answer.
Keep in
mind that everything is driven by cost.

>  Also, I've heard that putting grease on steel cable is a mistake because
>  it tends to keep moisture locked in the cable and promotes rotting from
>  the inside. I've been told that using light weight oil is a better
>  solution to retard rusting. It allows the cable to breath, allowing
>  moisture to evaporate while slowing the oxidation process....TRUE or

      TRUE. You want to use a penetrating-type oil for the reason you
The cable manufacturers and crank-up manufacturers that I've talked to
use and
recommend a product like PreLube 6. It's a special formulation for cable
lubrication and reduces friction between the strands as well as keeping
contaminants out of the cable. You can use it on your pulleys too. It's
available from Champion Radio Products (

Cheers,  Steve  K7LXC

Champion Radio Products

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