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Date: Fri, 12 Jun 1998 12:29:18 EDT
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<< I plan to put up a tower sometime in the near future. I allready have a
 TriEx LM-470D that is need of some repair. New cables, some pullies,
 limit switches and some additional odds and ends. I have not been able
 to get any pricing info from TriEx. This has been going on for a month
 now !

Hi, Jerry --

      Do you have the Tri-Ex catalog? They have replacement parts in the back.
Maybe they have a separate parts catalog (I'm at work and don't have the info
here) but the cable sets are listed in one of them. 

    Are you calling them or sending email? A phone call works almost all the
time whereas email is pretty low priority. 
> My dillema, do I orphan the LM-470 and buy something else ?? US Tower
 HDX55 ? Trylon 64' freestanding ??
     In 25 words or less? You might want a reprint of my 7-part series on
towers that appeared in my CQ Contest magazine column, "Up The Tower". It's
two bucks from Tower Tech, Box 572, Woodinvile, WA, 98072. 

>> I would like to have a crankup/tiltover but when the $$ are added up the
 price maybe out of hand. I have so far looked at US Tower, Trylon and
 TriEx (I don't think so).  >>

       A tower doesn't get much more expensive than a crank-up/tilt-over so if
investment is a factor, you might want to spend some time doing more homework.
OTOH, a used, re-cabled LM-470 is a pretty decent tower and reasonable cost. 

Cheers,  Steve  K7LXC  --  Professional tower supplies and more for amateurs

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