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Subject: [TowerTalk] R7000/Cushcraft Tech Support
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Date: Fri, 12 Jun 1998 12:40:27 EDT
Subject: R7000/Cushcraft Tech Support

     I appreciate your comments regarding Cushcraft's technical support 
     In our own defense, I would like the amateur community to understand 
     that our technical support organization handles somewhere between 250 
     to 300 telephone and e-mail inquiries each week.  In some weeks we 
     receive up to 100+ inquiries on Monday alone.  With the availability 
     and ease of e-mail, the number or correspondences we receive each week 
     Responding to some 250 - 300 inquires, which include general antenna 
     technical questions, spare parts orders, requests for manuals and 
     catalogs, and in most cases, issues relating to antennas that have 
     been in operation for many years beyond the warranty period, I have no 
     doubt that Cushcraft offers the best technical support of any amateur 
     antenna company.  For every customer with a bad experience, we have at 
     least 60 that a very good and positive experience with our technical 
     support personnel.
     Our technical support rep, Paul Randazzo NW1U ( 
     does a fantastic job dealing with our customers.  Ed Hammond WN1I 
     ( has now joined us as our Amateur Marketing and 
     Sales Manager and will help out the organization tremendously.
     Coming up within the next few weeks is our new web page which will 
     feature our new technical support program - TechExpress.  The web page 
     will feature our catalog and all instruction manuals available for 
     free download.  The web page will also have a parts order form, and 
     eventually, a parts price list.  As part of TechExpress we will also 
     focus priority on answering e-mail requests over phone requests.
     Regarding the R7000, we stand behind our product with a full warranty. 
     No questions.  Art Hambleton had been handling all of the R7000 
     warranty requests prior to his departure.  We are still trying to 
     catch up on this a bit, so I ask that you bare with us for the next 
     couple of weeks. By the way, of all the R7000 antennas we have sold, 
     only 2% of customers have a warranty issue.  We will resolve these 
     within the next several weeks.
     If you need to contact our tech support department please e-mail us at or
     73, Steve Best
     Cushcraft Corporation 

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