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[TowerTalk] Battle creek

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Battle creek
From: (Roger Borowski - K9RB)
Date: Fri, 12 Jun 1998 18:04:26 -0400
The Minooka special was originally designed by Barry Boothe - W9UCW, who
lived in Minooka, Illinois at the time.
The Battle Creek Special is essentially, as I understand it, is a Minooka
special that breaks down into smaller pieces to make it easier to transport
to various remote DX-pedition locations. I don't remember who was
responsible for this, although he did live in Battle Creek, Michigan, thus
the renaming.
There were many articles written about them both. Old QST's would probably
uncover many of these including Barry's original article back in the late
Barry now resides in south Texas and If you wish to contact him directly,
I'll be happy to check with him if it is OK to pass along his e-mail address
or phone number. Let me know. He and I frequently sked on HF and exchange
73, -= Roger-K9RB =-

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Date: Friday, June 12, 1998 3:53 PM
Subject: [TowerTalk] Battle creek

>Just a question about the battle creek special. I get this question in
>the mail, but I don't the answers. Any one?
>The BCS story is at
><Watt JA0DAI wrote:>
>Dear Peter,
>I have read the article titled Minooka special part 1 & 2
>on pi4cc web page. I have some questions here on it.
>1. What does the name "Minooka" and "Battle creek" stand for?
>Is that the name of town or city?
>2. Is the Minooka origin of the Battle Creek?
>3. Were both of two antennas originated in USA?
>4. Any other reference article available?
>Many thanks in advance.
>73 Watt JA0DAI (also WR3W)
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