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Date: Fri, 12 Jun 1998 20:28:02 EDT
Ted- I don't know if this will work for .5 hardline, but I can tell you how I
make connectors for .625.
First, you take a coupling ring from a PL-259 and cut the back lip off, then
put 2 slits in the barrel lengthwise to where the threaded area starts, 180
degrees apart.
Prepare the hardline by stripping off the outer aluminum and styrofoam as well
as the protective coating left on the copper coating in the center pin.  Do
this so a length of pin equal to 1/2 the length of a barrel connector is
exposed.  I use a tubing cutter to start and a utility knife to finish the
job, along with an x-acto knife to strip the coating off the center pin.
Next, polish the aluminum shell behind the exposed center pin area with a
piece of steel wool to remove the oxidation- do this for a length equal to the
"smooth" (non-threaded) length of the ring prepared earlier plus about another
1/2 inch .  Polish the inside of the ring the same way to where the threads
Slide a stainless hose clamp on the hardline, apply no-al-ox or similar to the
polished hardline, and the inside of the ring, slide the ring onto the
until the threads butt up against the hardline, slide the hose clamp over the
ringl and tighten.
After you have done this, you can then screw your barrel connector into the
ring and you will have a female termination.  For a male termination, you will
have to use a double-male connector.
This should work ok with your .5, but you may have to remove a little more
metal from the ring.  
Good Luck

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