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[TowerTalk] Re: Building New Antenna Farm?

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Re: Building New Antenna Farm?
From: (Brian K. Short)
Date: Sun, 14 Jun 1998 18:27:08 +0000
>How competitive do you want to be?

Ummm, more competitive than my tri-bander at 35' in the city, though
with it I have done quite a bit!

>(Do you want to be king of the Low bands?   Is an 80M beam an option?)

>From this area, perhaps ;) Thinking of a 4-square on 80m, inverted L on 160?

>What kind of antennas do you want to install? 
>(Tribanders or stacked monobanders on every band?)

I may start with a KLM log periodic fairly high (40m + 10-28Mhz). Then I'd
like to add others, ones that will give me most bang for the effort.

>How many towers can you (or are you willing to) install?   

As many as I need (within reason). Let's say 2 or 3.

>How tall?

Initial tower with LPDA may be 55' + mast, though 70' sounds better.

>The size and number of antennas will define your tower and rotor

I understand.

>Are you thinking Rohn 25, 45, or 55?

Probably some 45 and some 25.  Actually, I'd kinda like to put the
initial LPDA on a tilt-over crank-up, but I'm open to suggestions.

>You need to define your goals more clearly before anyone can really
>answer your questions.

My goal is to set up a "good" antenna farm with flexibility and agility
for use DXing and participating in domestic and DX contests. I have
been disappointed trying DX contests from the city and low bands are
nearly impossible. 

Maybe this is an iterative process as the objectives may be tempered
by costs and physical reality.

Any station has to have a first antenna and some plan. I don't plan to
build the antenna farm and be done. I expect it to evolve over time based
on need and availability of materials.

Unfortunately, until now, all of my antenna thinking/planning has taken
into account a small city lot and single 35' tower (city rules). 

>de  Tom  N4KG   (wilth 20+ antennas on 7 towers and still not enough!)
>>Anyone have suggestions in setting up new antenna farm
>>on 3.3 acre desert site? How to plan/start?

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