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Subject: [TowerTalk] Re: Shakespeare Vertical Antennas
From: (Gus VO1MP)
Date: Sun, 14 Jun 1998 21:37:20 -0230

Shakespeare Heavy  Duty Fiberglass Rigid Tubular Vertical resonators:

I Have recently acquired several heavy duty Rigid Marine whip type antennas
that should easily be  adaptable for amateur  use ???.

One is a three piece fiberglass unit length over all is 51 ft 
tapers in from 6 inches at the base to about 1.5 inches at top.
This antenna is too heavy for one person to lift , however should be no problem
getting it mounted  model number on it is 4250 -1 , looks like it might be a 4 
meg resonator
am sure with a little base tuning and a few radials it would probably be usable 
on 80 meters.

The other unit is about 35 ft long same make with ....  model number 222 
stamped on'
the side ...... both units look very rugged and durable the 4250 is brand new 
never used.
I suspect the 222 was used for  low band marine use with a coupling unit at the 
for 2 meg work. 
Wonder if any body out there is familiar with these units and has any experience
with them as low band verticals.
What kind of power rating would they have  ( KW ? )
would the 222 be very efficient as 1.8 meg resonator with
some base tuning ? ( It would have to be better than a dropping dipole at 50 ft 
!! )
and less susceptible to ice damage !!
I realize there are no substitutes for full sized verticals on low bands 
but these units might have a role to play in minimizing the problems I
usually encounter with ice damage every winter. 

Any comments or sharing of  experiences with these units would be appreciated.


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