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Subject: [TowerTalk] tower grounding
From: (Bob Wanderer)
Date: Sun, 14 Jun 1998 16:51:00 -0700
Sure. The area providing current flow, however, will be just
the outside circumference (IMHO). This is kinda sorta the same thing
as using copperweld or in cable TV copper-clad aluminum or
steel. I'm not sure how well soft drawn copper will fare in the
ground. Perhaps one of the other gurus on the reflector can assist 

You may want to do a pH test too. If your pH is acidic, you
will want to go with aluminum, tinned, or galvanized; if alkaline,
copper is the material of choice. You can do the pH testing with
the same product sold for testing pH of pools and spas. Dig down
to the depth you plan to install the radials, crumble some of that dirt
into distilled water, stir, and insert the test strip. Follow manufacturer's
instructions as to how to interpret the readings. This is not foolproof,
however, as you may have layers of differing pH through which your
radials may travel. More than likely, you'll be OK with several samples
in the area. Generally speaking, the eastern US has acidic soil and the
western US has alkaline soil. I know of one location in Arizona where the
soil is stiated and one of the layers is caliche. The town engineer (or
equivalent) should know whether your soil is acidic or alkaline and how
homogenous it is.


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Can I just use 1/2 soft drawn copper tubing for the radials?


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