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[TowerTalk] Log Periodic-Yagi Comparison

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Log Periodic-Yagi Comparison
From: (DavidC)
Date: Sun, 14 Jun 1998 21:22:24 -0400
> Log Periodic Antennas vs. Yagi's     de   N4KG

> My gut feeling is that short boom Log Periodics have less 
> gain than a full size 2 element Yagi.  (Look at the spacing 
> between elements that are within 10% of 1/2 wavelength
> on each band.  If it is less than 0.1 wavelength, my money
> is on a 2L  Yagi.    The C3 or C3S might be a better choice.

> LONG  boom LP's (36 ft?)  might approach the gain of a modest
> 3L Yagi.

> IMHO, the BIG tribanders with separate WARC and 40M beams
> are a better solution.

> Look at the Hy-gain TH7, TH11,  Cushcraft X9, Butternut ?, and
> new Force 12  C31XR.

> Force 12 has lots of interesting ways to combine interlaced Yagi's
> to cover the high (and low) bands to minimize tower and mast
> requirements.

Thanks for this ... let me throw a monkey wrench into the works ... price,
rotor capacity, and tower space are issues.

I cannot afford several thousand dollars of antennas to cover
6-10-12-15-17-20-30-40m.  I have the KLM34XT for 10-15-20.

I have a Tailtwister T2X to turn the KT34XA, I am told that will about max
it out here in New England given ice and wind.

The KT34XA will be at the highest point on Tower 1, about 70 feet.

On Tower 2 (35 feet plus mast) I plan to put antennas for 2-6-12-17-30-40. 
The 26 foot boom Sommer XP808 I am looking at should handle all but 2m! 
I'll take the suggestion read here and put a 2m beam above it to help with
adjustments -- I presume I will need at least a Ham IV to handle that ...
or do I need another T2X?

Know anyone in New England looking for a KLM KT34XA reasonable?  I'm think
I am only going to use one.

73, DavidC  AA1FA

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