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[TowerTalk] Antenna assembly on tower

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Antenna assembly on tower
From: (Gunnar Widell (ERA))
Date: Mon, 15 Jun 1998 17:27:59 +0200
At SK3GW we mounted the 3 element 40 meter yagi by putting it together
in the tower, above the highest guy level.

1)  The antenna was assembled on ground, and then the elements where
2)  Then the boom was lifted vertically so the director could be mounted
above the highest guy level.
3)  The director was easily lifted with a rope and by the ground crew.
4)  The boom was then lifted with the director up above the tower, high
enough that the reflector could be mounted above the guy level.
     The boom was tied to the tower with 4 "life-belts", same I use when
5)  When director (high up above the tower) and reflector where mounted,
I tilted the antenna back to normal position. i.e. boom horizontal.
6)  The antenna was attached to mast, and the driven element attached.


I was unsure how the antenna would behave when ONLY the director was
attached and the boom lifted vertically.
I tightened the boom a little too much to the tower, which made it was
neccesary to climb up and down, loosening and fastening the "life-belts"
all the time, as they passed different clamps and boom guys etc. It
seamed that the antenna was pretty stable and that would not have been

When attaching the antenna to the mast, the antenna wanted to turn
VERTICAL. The wire we winshed the boom up with should have been attached
in a different way.
Since I was alone in the tower, it was VERY heavy to keep the antenna in
the right position and at the same time clamp the U-bolts.
Many times I asked myself where the ABORT switch for the project

This would have been VERY easy if we where TWO persons working in the

No extra equipment needed other than a few ropes, winsh and wire.
Minimal ground crew.

Un sorted pictures of the event can be found at:

Check the 40 directory, filenames a bit strange, but should work.

73 de Gus, SM3SGP

The tower is a K-600 by CUE DEE (
The antenna is made by OH8QD.
The ground crew was exellent!
My hard hat was orange...

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