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[TowerTalk] Installing a Vertical?

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Installing a Vertical?
From: (Brian K. Short)
Date: Tue, 16 Jun 1998 04:09:54 +0000
I never really could try a vertical in the past (especially on 80m)
as I never had the space for the radials, but I plan to install a 
Butternut HF2V vertical for 80m very soon and possibly add another 
(phased) later. (A 4-Square would be the final configuration, perhaps!)

I am curious how others have mounted these? The plan is to use
4 25' top loading wires as detailed in the Butternut instructions.
Also, the plan was to elevate the antenna and the radials.

As 10' galvanized pipe is readily available at the Home Depot, I
was thinking that could support the antenna and the ends of the
4 resonant radials. My thought is to use full-size 66' radials.

Since I bought the HF2V used, I do have the 160m coil, also.
It can also benefit from the top loading planned, but I am unsure
if I will take it off or try to use it on 160m?

Are there any tried and proven designs for 80m/160m radials,
possibly somewhat shortened in the 160m case?

I would welcome comments on this planned installation! Any type
of comments at all?

Especially any mechanical details of mounting and support?

73, Brian

Brian Short
(602)839-3484 1994 E Laguna Dr Tempe, Az 85282
"Why is it a penny for your thoughts, but you put your two 
cents in? Someone is making a profit on this."  -- Steven Wright

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