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Date: Tue, 16 Jun 1998 09:33:40 EDT
Hello all....I am looking to add a WARC band beam to my tower and would like
to also install a Vertical to cover 10 thru 80 including the WARC bands. I was
wondering if anyone on here has had or heard of any comparisons between the
Cush. R7000+ and the Gap Titan DX. The cushcraft is a little more pricey and
wonder if it is worth the extra $200....I kinda like the Idea of no traps on
the GAP.
    I dont like to rely much on the advertisements because......well we all
know what the ads SAY ....and how it actually is in the real world!!...hi.. I
am however looking at the Cush. A3WS for the beam.
    Any info and help in this matter is greatly appreciated. Thanks alot in

 Mike W2GR
 Niagara Falls NY

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