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[TowerTalk] Rigging Coax for Rotation

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Rigging Coax for Rotation
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Date: Tue, 16 Jun 1998 11:00:19 -0500
Hi Mark -
We have a sketch that we have included in our WIREBOOK that, when
followed has worked very well with a minimum of fuss for this job.
Feedback over the years has been 100% positive.
Unfortunately we don't have a scanner or graphic file that we can e-mail,
nor is the pic on the website, but I'd be happy to mail or fax a copy if
you wish.
We've always used tape like you describe, taking 2 turns around the leg
for a "pad", then including the cable and adding 2 more turns.
Interaction between cables is seldom a problem, unless you use some of
the good old 80% braid stuff that didn'y make it to the junkyard!
Press Jones, N8UG, The Wireman, Inc., Landrum, SC, 29356
Sales(800)727-WIRE(9473) or
Tech help (864)895-4195 or
Our 21st year!

On Tue, 16 Jun 98 08:24:16 -0400 "Lowell, Mark"
<> writes:
>Greetings from Gloucester, VA
>I have been looking through the archives and haven't seen any 
>about rigging the loops in coax when transitioning from the tower to 
>I have two friends with flat-top towers and the coax loops always seem 
>tend to bear on the edges of the top plate at some point of rotation. 
>are concerned that this will eventually bite through the jacket and
>shield. We have glued pieces of split nylon air hose or garden hose 
>these edges to help the problem, but I'm sure some of you must have 
>better ideas or rules of thumb for making these loops.
>In my mind, it would seem that a scheme that applies the least amount 
>twisting per unit of coax length would fend off fatigue the best.
>In a related matter, what's the best way of attaching the coax runs to 
>tower? Are a few turns of good ol' Scotch 33 good enough (If I don't 
>the last turn!)? Does having the shield running so close to another
>conductor for so long have any effect on the coax?
>Thanks     --...MARK N1LO...--
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