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Date: Tue, 16 Jun 1998 23:45:06 EDT
In a message dated 98-06-16 23:10:20 EDT, you write:

> I looked up on the big tower where the 80m 2 el KLM was
>  installed...the reflector element was bent back against the boom...looks
>  like it is totaled...then when I looked at the 130 footer with the 3 el
>  Telrex was bent in a u is total scrap...and the KLM 6 el
>  20 on the same tower at 100 ft was like wet too was
>  totaled...

     Yikes. My condolences. Pretty depressing. 
>  Needles to say I am very amount of insurance coverage can
>  begin to make up for the labor of love that was involved in putting that
>  equipment up and using it in the contests...I am very thankful that my home
>  and family are intact...but how do I get the energy to take all that junk
>  down ...rebuild it and put it back up...if its not obvious...I am off 20m ,
>  40m and also 80m....I have excellent coverage with my State Farm
>  Policy...but it is small consolation when it comes to the effort that will
>  be required to put it all back up....
      Okay. First thing you do is call your insurance company and get a claim
number. You have to notify them within 30 days or you can't submit the claim. 

     The insurance company's top priority is to pay the claim and close the
file. They will appreciate anything you can do to help them.

     Next, your claims adjuster will have never seen a tower and antenna claim
before so you'll have to do some education along the way. 

     Contact a professional tower company and get an estimate from them. The
insurance company expects the work to be done by professionals and pay for
that work. The estimate will include removal (probably with a crane);
disposal; replacement antennas, cables, etc.; assembly of the antennas and
installation of everything. For the type of claim you're talking about, it'll
run in the $10,000+ range. The labor cost alone will be $1000-1500 per day
plus travel and per diem. The insurance company expects to pay this. The
insurance company also doesn't expect YOU to do the work. Suppose your roof
blew off. They wouldn't expect you to be up there fixing it - they'd want a
licensed contractor in to do the work. The same thing with towers and
antennas. (There are liability issues, quality of work, licensing, etc.)

      You don't have to put any effort into your new installation because it's
all covered by your insurance. 

      I would certainly spend the money to get the professional crew in to
take down all the damaged stuff. Don't cut any corners there. 

73 and try to look at it as an opportunity,  Steve   K7LXC

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