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[TowerTalk] Rigging Coax for Rotation

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Rigging Coax for Rotation
From: (Lowell, Mark)
Date: Wed, 17 Jun 98 08:22:43 -0400
(I am posting some of the helpful replies I received - Mark)

>I have two friends with flat-top towers and the coax loops always seem to
>tend to bear on the edges of the top plate at some point of rotation.


Had same problem.  I just bolted a piece of pipe on one tower leg to the
extent above the tower  about 18".  (OBVIOUSLY one can't do this if the
antenna boom is closer than 18"!)  I then secured the fixed portion of
the coax to the top of this pipe.  It allows the loop to then be above
the top of the tower and not catch.   The other side of the coax is
attached to the mast side just below the boom with an suitable sized
loop of coax formed.   I tape, put some plastic ties and wrap again with
tape to secure the coax to the pipe.

73 de Brian/K3KO
Vance Net Inc
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