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[TowerTalk] Georgia Storms

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Georgia Storms
From: (John W. Morris)
Date: Wed, 17 Jun 1998 09:57:15 -0400
Rick .... not trying to be cute, but I feel your pain........ Hurricane Andrew
did pretty much the same to me a few years ago, in addition to taking the

All I can tell you is that State Farm will be good to you (I had them also),
you will have a new labor of love and you will eventually have an even better
antenna farm than before and in time you will get over what has happened.

In the meantime, if you start getting too down in the dumps about this, just
revert back to thinking about how fortunate you are that the family was not

Have a great trip. You can have fun day dreaming about the new antennas!

73, John, W4GD

Rick Dougherty NQ4I wrote:

> Hi all...I am on the road in Newark, NJ and on the way to Rome, Italy...was
> home last nite and awakened by a tremendous storm system that was moving
> across the happened at 1:30 am...for almost 1 solid hour the
> wind blew and howled like none i have ever heard in my qth in over 40
> about 3 am I went outside to assess the damage...using a
> flashlite, I looked up on the big tower where the 80m 2 el KLM was
> installed...the reflector element was bent back against the boom...looks
> like it is totaled...then when I looked at the 130 footer with the 3 el
> Telrex was bent in a u is total scrap...and the KLM 6 el
> 20 on the same tower at 100 ft was like wet too was
> totaled...
> Needles to say I am very amount of insurance coverage can
> begin to make up for the labor of love that was involved in putting that
> equipment up and using it in the contests...I am very thankful that my home
> and family are intact...but how do I get the energy to take all that junk
> down ...rebuild it and put it back up...if its not obvious...I am off 20m ,
> 40m and also 80m....I have excellent coverage with my State Farm
> Policy...but it is small consolation when it comes to the effort that will
> be required to put it all back up....
> Maybe it sounds like I am a crybaby..and just need to get back on with
> life...but a feel of dread and dispair is enveloping me at this time...hope
> most of you don't have to go through this to this extent...
> look for me on the radio as I head for europe...3.795 starting at
> Rick
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