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Date: Wed, 17 Jun 1998 12:32:57 EDT
Depending on which motor drive you want to put on from very easy to hard but
not impossible. 
US Tower makes 3 different motor drive systems. The MP-75 is a drum, gearbox
and motor with out a pull down cable. It usually will bolt on to the tower
where the hand winch and mounting bracket are.
The MDP-750 is a motor drive  with a pull down system that uses a multigroove
pulley system and friction to raise and lower the tower. It also will usually
bolt on to where the hand winch was but takes a good part of a day to install.
Comes with new cable and pulleys for the pull down and also an additional
pulley for the lifting. If your not familar with how it works it will be
difficult to figure out.
The top of the line is the MDPL-1000 which is a drum with two separate cables.
One for pull uop and one for pull down. I doubt if it will bolt on, ususlly
have to have the mounting ears for it welded on. I haven't install this one on
a existing tower, but have ordered it many times on new tower. 
The least expensive way is to look inGrainger's catalog at the electric
winches. They have several that will work tou will need to make it fit on the
existing bracket.
Skip, KJ6Y
Communications Service Co

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