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[TowerTalk] those 15m beams...

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Subject: [TowerTalk] those 15m beams...
From: (rattmann)
Date: Wed, 17 Jun 1998 10:48:09 -0700 (PDT)

>>      Last question is, would anyone care to guess what the surface area 
>>      would be for a 15M 6 element monobander on a 38 ft boom would be.  
>>      Estimates are OK. 
>>                        TNX & 73 Denis, W4DC

de Kurt, Ni6W:
>I get a different area than the one cited by KJ6Y for the KLM 615 36' 3"
>If the boom is 3" dia by 36' the effective area is 6.5 SqFt. If the boom is
>2" dia (as in my KLM manual) the area is 4.5 Sq Ft.

de K6NA:
Some confusion may be caused by the fact that KLM has two models of 6EL 15m
beam, one with a 3-inch boom, and a light-duty one with a 2-inch boom.  They
both have about the same boom length, 36 feet.  The heavy one uses the
bigger insulators and fatter elements built kinda like their 20m elements.
The 2-inch boom model has skinnier elements, like on their 10m beam.

Jim Rafferty used to refer to the KLM -LD model as "the really, really,
light-, light-, light-duty model."

I can verify it is a noodle, but it works very well.

73, Glenn K6NA

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