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[TowerTalk] Tower Refurbish Advice ?

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Tower Refurbish Advice ?
From: (Fred Hopengarten)
Date: Thu, 18 Jun 1998 09:36:48 EDT
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I am sending Sam my collection of 25 previous posts on this subject,
dating back up to two years ago.

On Thu, 18 Jun 1998 06:56:21 -0400 "Sam Hall" <>
>Hello to all and thanks for reading.
>     I am in the process of refurbishing a Rohn 45 foldover tower and 
>looking for a little advice from the "pros".  First, I intend to 
>the pockets of rust and then repaint.  I need to know the best 
>procedure for
>repainting.  What kind of primer ??  What kind of Paint ??  Best 
>method to
>apply each ??
>     From previous posts, It seems a "Cold Galvanize" top coat is
>acceptable.  Am I correct on this ??  Don't know anything about the 
>type of
>primer to use.
>     Spraying makes for a neat job but seems like a lot of waste. Also
>wonder if I would get the desired thickness of paint.  Is it better to 
>with a brush or mitt??
>     Would greatly appreciate any advice on this project.
>                                    Thanks and 73, Sam--K8WVA--
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