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[TowerTalk] HF Beam Comparisons - Continued!

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Subject: [TowerTalk] HF Beam Comparisons - Continued!
From: (W9SN)
Date: Thu, 18 Jun 1998 21:54:41 -0500
>    I am more tempted to try quads on 6 & 2, even 12-17-30, because they are
> all non-critical bands for me.  I am fearful of having my 10-15-20m quad
> trashed in mid-winter!
>    73, DavidC  AA1FA

David, count on loosing the quad in the near future.  Here in Indiana
and having
quads for several years, it became a nearly anual ritual to:
1.) Rebuild
2.) Repair
3.) Replace

I just loved my quads as did my local buddy who also went through the
same thing.
One year we both survived repair just to have it hit the following
The only way I would consider another quad in snow country is to have a
crank up 
tower so it could be repaired easier.  
        Another local special ordered heavier than normal quad spreaders from
lightning bolt only to loose 3 of them the first winter.
Unless you don't mind climbing a tower and repairing an antenna after a
of ice, then go for it.  Or get that crank up.
73's.....good luck

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