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Subject: [TowerTalk] > crankup use model
From: (Bob Wilson)
Date: Thu, 18 Jun 1998 23:23:54 -0400
I was required to apply for both a variance and a special use permit for my 51'
crank-up. Lot size is 100' x 200' (1/2 acre). Town code requires a 4 to 1
setback and a minimum of 1 acre, thus the variance. The special use permit is
because I'm in a residential area.

Both were granted with surprisingly little problem, just the $500 in fees and a
little catch. Small price to pay to avoid a big fight and a lawyer, I guess...

A permit was granted at the 2nd ZBA meeting, for 5 years . The permit will
become permanent after those 5 years, "If there are no problems associated with
the tower". Also  added. " The tower shall be down when not in use".

Tower sits about 35' most of the time. Its clearly visible in numerous places
around the block yet people don't notice it.

Introduced myself to my new neighbor across the street, tower is not obvious
from her property but if you look up its in plain view. I introduced myself as
the guy across the street with the big antenna (Telrex TB5 5eL 18' boom), she
looked at me and said "What antenna?". I pointed up and she said "Oh , I never
noticed it before!"

If you have all the proper paperwork from the town , a moderate tower that fits
the lot size and don't have a real extreme personality next door, no one will
care. People just don't look up. One other thing that helps a lot is Cable TV.
It must have been invented by a ham plagued by TVI complaints.


Jim Reid wrote:

> At 11:07 AM 6/10/98 -0700, Mike Meehan wrote:
> >How often do you RETRACT the crank up, and for what reason(s). (My permit
> >conditions indicate that they should be cranked down "when not in use". Do
> >others have this condition?)
> Aloha Mike,  Six years ago I received both a zoning variance and use permit
> to have a crank up above the palm tree tops --  the supposed height limit
> here on the island of Kauai.  I was to have the antenna lower than that,
> 30 feet,  between the hours of 9AM and 3PM every day,  and could have it
> up above that height only a limited number of hours per week during
> the balance of the earlier morning and later afternoon hours.  It could be
> higher than that all I wanted after "dark".
> These were a set of negotiated compromise positions with my neighbors
> and the County Planning Commission.
> Well,  I complied for several months;  then goy  tired of running it up and
> down.  So,  it has been sitting at about 45 or 50 feet,  24 hours per day
> the past 3 years or so.  No one has said a word.  They obviously have
> become accustomed to it,  have probably forgotten all about the
> hours limits.  Anyway,  then it can be run on up,  on occasion,  and all
> still remains well.
> Just some added food for thought about attempting to circumvent the
> permit you HAVE at least received!
> 73 and Good Luck,  Jim,  KH7M
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