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[TowerTalk] high water table

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Subject: [TowerTalk] high water table
From: (Joe Natale K1JN)
Date: Fri, 19 Jun 1998 08:23:32 -0400
Thanks to everyone that responded, many positive comments!

I borrowed a 110v submersible pump. Going to go the pump and dig route and
pump just prior to pouring. I had planned on using ready mix, can get it for
$55.00 a yard delivered. I will dig a drainage ditch away from the hole
prior to pouring. The permit was the first thing I did, in case the
neighbors don't appreciate the 72' aluminum Xmas tree! A good situation
here, the town just passed new tower zoning regs that specifically exempt
amateur and receive only installations. The old regs limited "structures" to
30'. I would have had to go for a special use permit that would have
required a $260 filing fee, survey, site plan, etc. The only thing I had to
do was convince the building inspector that the planned installation was
safe. As far as being a W1 right next door to Europe, I'll trade half of my
signal strength there just to be heard in Asia!

73 to all,

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