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[TowerTalk] 2nd Radio 10-15-20m Antenna

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Subject: [TowerTalk] 2nd Radio 10-15-20m Antenna
From: (W9SN)
Date: Fri, 19 Jun 1998 21:12:44 -0500
Dale L. Martin wrote:
> Today, I arrived home about 6:00pm to find the Hy-Gain 12AVQ I
> ordered last week sitting on the front porch.
> After changing clothes, reading the mail, opening the box,
> checking parts (all there, plus a couple of washers), collecting
> tools, and start assembling the antenna, it's 7:00pm.
> By 7:30pm, I've mounted the antenna, sunk a ground rod, attached
> said ground rod to the antenna, and am sitting in the grass in
> the backyard checking SWR with my MFJ-259.
> A bit high on each band...about 1.5-1.6:1.  Get the step ladder
> and make a two adjustments.
> Scrounge around a bit for enough coax pieces to reach the garage
> antenna patch panel.
> At 7:40pm, I'm sitting in my radio room at the Omni VI+ checking
> SWR on the three bands.  1.3:1 or less across the CW portion of
> each band.  1.8:1 or less across the three ham bands (CW and
> SSB).
> Now, should I put out radials?
> Dale Martin, KG5U

Well that depends if you want to lower your take-off angle of radiation.
Right now without any radials, your signal is going nearly straight up.
This is good for local qso's but if your after the dx, then by all means
put as many as you can out there.  Swr is not an indicator of the
of that vertical.  On the contrary, the more radials you put out, the
your bandwidth will become and you will see steeper skirts on the swr
I always like to see that cause I know I have done some good in lowering
my take off angle.  If you just want to ragchew around the U.S. on those
bands then I would probably not put any out. 73 and good luck

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