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Subject: [TowerTalk] Gin Pole
From: (Rick Bullon)
Date: Sat, 20 Jun 1998 04:14:59 GMT
  Well I have had another set back on my tower project. There is a local 
ham who has a gin pole sitting on top of his 110ft Rohn 25 tower. I 
heard he got scared when he got it that high and left the gin pole up 
there. Figured I could buy it from him at a reasonable price, if I could 
caught him at home. Well I finally got a hold of him.
 First the gin pole is not for sell and after he told me about it he 
couldn't give it to me. Seems he built this thing out of what ever  
scrap pieces of metal he had around the place some pipe some angle iron 
some flat steel and some pulleys from who know where.
  One thing I have learned from this reflector is DON'T JURY RIG 
Equipment!!! So now I'm back to square one trying to find a ginpole to 
get my tower from horizontal to vertical. I decided if I wait till I 
have all the pieces it would never get started so I'm goin to erect what 
I have to the first guy point then wait till I can afford the guy wires, 
turn buckles etc. and a LOOS gauge, then erect some more to the next guy 
point etc. I have 40 ft of Rohn 25 and plan to add another 3 sections 
for a 70ft tower.
  You may rember me asking about trying to fold over 70 ft of Rohn 25 a 
while back. Well you guys have changed my mind on that idea going to go 
straight up no fold over here!!
 MY first priority was to get a gin pole a safety belt and either buy 
the SB25g from Texas Towers ( fairly local to me about 65 or 70 miles 
away) or just sinking a tower section for the base. The only place I can 
find that sells gin poles is HRO and it lists for $499.95. If I paid 
this for the gin pole and bought a climbing belt, the I beams for the 
elevated guy points ( XYL's rule on guys)and ordered the truck and got 
the base poured and creted in the I beams I would be busted.
  Is there a cheaper place to buy a gin pole ? a used one would be fine 
if it was a commercial made unit and semi local to the Dallas Ft.Worth, 
TX area.
 I have asked local hams around here and all I get is "Well so and so 
used to have one but I think he sold it " or "Why do you need a gin pole 
just put it together on the ground and walk it up". Several of the 
towers around here are fold over contraptions that aren't folded over 
much and then if they are it is with a hope and a prayer. THe ones that 
are done right were done with a gin pole which has been long gone ie 
sold after the tower was up.
  This is not going to be a week end project but rather one that will be 
done as I can afford it. The tower fund is also the emergency fund thus 
the limited funds for equipment and tower pieces.
 Sorry to be so long winded but I wanted to try and cover all the 
questions that might come up after I post this. I know I missed 
something but this post is too long now HI HI
P.S Yes I have the Rohn catalog so I know what all the specs are :)

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