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Date: Sat, 20 Jun 1998 11:03:43 EDT
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<< From: (Kevin Erickson)
 I am having a tx455 tower with a force 12 C4 antenna installed at my location
in upstate new York.  I am looking for recommendations on installers in my
area.  KC1XX is highly recommended.  Has anyone had any installations done by
him?  If so would you recommend him?  Any thoughts would sure help, as I want
this to be a one time job.  Since my wife controls the money, its important to
make her happy!
 Hi Kevin,  I know that KC1XX has done this for at least 5 years, and that he
has gone to numerous locations. You have probably asked him for references of
hams and commericial customers and if you pose your inquiries as confidential
you should get appropriate  answers.  He also buys from one of our dealers.  I
can't give that info here but if it boils down to needing that info, contact
me and I'll see if the dealer is ok with comm'g with you.  I would also
suggest you go on the Boston Amateur Radio Club (quite sure its
and pose this inquiry there as well.  As far as wife control, I know there is
a software out there somewhere called "Wife Control for Hams", Version 791.
I heard that it took that many versions to finally figure it out.  Not an easy
battle.  We receive cash often in the mail from hams, apparently for the same
reason, thus it's "laundered", and not by the wife of course!  HI  Good luck.
73, Steve Davis, K1PEK, 
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