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Subject: [TowerTalk] Gin Pole
From: (John Fearon)
Date: Sat, 20 Jun 1998 15:47:51 -0400 (EDT)
Suggest you contact Antenna Mart in Loganville, Ga.  You can call and get
information regarding their gin pole.  There number is 770-466-4353.  He
is in Loganville, Ga.

On Sat, 20 Jun 1998, Richard L. King wrote:

> At 04:14 AM 6/20/98 GMT, Rick Bullon wrote:
> <stuff deleted>
> > MY first priority was to get a gin pole a safety belt and either buy 
> >the SB25g from Texas Towers ( fairly local to me about 65 or 70 miles 
> >away) or just sinking a tower section for the base. The only place I can 
> >find that sells gin poles is HRO and it lists for $499.95. If I paid 
> >this for the gin pole and bought a climbing belt, the I beams for the 
> >elevated guy points ( XYL's rule on guys)and ordered the truck and got 
> >the base poured and creted in the I beams I would be busted.
> >  Is there a cheaper place to buy a gin pole ? a used one would be fine 
> >if it was a commercial made unit and semi local to the Dallas Ft.Worth, 
> >TX area.
> <stuff deleted>
> I just bought a new gin pole. I have used a Rohn ginpole for many, many
> years and it has given me good service. However, I was impressed with the
> WB0W ginpole and bought one at the HamCom convention in Dallas. The price
> was $220 without the mast. 
> I didn't buy the ginpole mast because it was 12 feet long and I would have
> had to figure out a way to tranport it 200 miles away to my Austin QTH. So
> I found the exact same mast (T6061-1) at a local metal distributor in
> Austin for $5/foot. So I paid $60 for the mast and only had to carry it
> about 10 miles to my QTH. The distributor said this was a very common size
> of tubing (2 inch OD with 0.25 inch wall thickness).
> This ginpole is really heavy duty and well made. I looked at my old Rohn
> ginpole and it uses a smaller wall thickness for the tubing. Handling the
> new ginpole on the tower may require a little more effort because it is
> heavier, but my safety factor has certainly improved. WB0W has a URL that
> shows his products but I don't remember what it is. You can find it if you
> try.
> Speaking of safety, I have a few comments about ginpoles. I NEVER lend
> ginpoles to other people. I don't care who you are. I consider ginpoles to
> be part of my safety equipment and I don't lend climbing belts, etc,
> either. I always buy new ginpoles because I don't want to use one that
> might have been abused. If I let someone use mine, I have to go with it,
> watch its usage like a hawk, and bring it home with me at the end of the day. 
> The problem with Rohn ginpoles is that people tend to overtighten them in
> position. Too often an inexperienced climber will hook his wrench on the
> tightening levers for extra leverage and really overtighten the clamp. This
> causes a rounding off of the back of the clamp that can lead to clamp
> failure or slippage. Hand tightness is all you need to position a Rohn
> ginpole clamp. You should always inspect a Rohn ginpole for this condition
> before you use it.
> If properly used, a Rohn ginpole can give you decades of safe usage. Why am
> I replacing my ginpole then? Well...... it seems I had this small accident
> when I was driving around on my Kubota tractor carrying the ginpole. The
> ginpole mast hooked a fence post and it now has a very slight bend. It is
> still usable but it makes me nervous. My screw-up.
> 73, Richard
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