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Subject: [TowerTalk] Gin Pole Rope
From: (David Fouchey)
Date: Sun, 21 Jun 1998 11:33:43 -0400
At 02:48 PM 6/21/98 +0100, Roy Maull wrote:
>At 22:54 20/06/98 -0500, you wrote:
>>While we have the thread going on gin poles lets talk rope.  What does
>>the multi-tude recommend for the rope.  Size and type?
>>I just bought some 55G and need to lift these monsters.
>>I have a couple hundred feet of 1/2" stuff I bought from builders square
>>for my 25g but don't trust it on 55g.
>>Thanks in advance.
>>Richard Thorne - N5ZC (ex KA2DSY, N2BHP, WB5M)
>>Amarillo, TX
>>Home Page:
>        Some advice from a beached sailor.  Use low stretch braided Dacron
>in the largest size you can afford to buy.  The larger the diameter of the
>line, the easier it is to hold on to.
>        Most of the line that you can get from a local hardware or home
>repair store will be nylon, and that stretches way to much for lifting heavy
>objects.  You may be able to find the right stuff at a marine store near
>you.  If they don't have the heavier line, they or you can mail order.  In
>fact, mail order from one of the larger marine supply houses just might be
>cheaper than local.
>        GL with the project.
>     73.. Roy  N8YYS
>  Keep West Virginia beautiful.. Grow ALUMINUM!!


Braided Dacron is low stretch, tough stuff and as Roy says get the largest
diameter you can afford that will fit your pulleys, the ground man will
bless you for it.


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