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Date: Sun, 21 Jun 1998 14:23:37 EDT
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> While we have the thread going on gin poles lets talk rope.  What does
>  the multi-tude recommend for the rope.  Size and type?
>  I just bought some 55G and need to lift these monsters.
>  I have a couple hundred feet of 1/2" stuff I bought from builders square
>  for my 25g but don't trust it on 55g.

      The 1/2" stuff from the hardware store is probably either polypropylene
(264 pounds safe working load) or nylon (525# swl). The polyprop is pretty
stiff and is the cheap stuff. Either is fine for ham loads - 55G, big
antennas, etc. 

     The UV-resistant dacron rope that is available from various dealers is
handiest for wire antenna halyards but is too small for a haul rope. You
should use 1/2 inch or larger for a haul rope - otherwise you can't get a good
grip on it. I use 11/16 inch braid-on-braid (kernmantle) rope myself and have
over 500 tower days on it. For casual tower work, typical laid braided rope is
fine (cheaper too).

     As far as length, you should have about 220% of the tower height to give
you enough rope to reach up and down the tower plus some extra for rigging,
running through the snatch block, etc. For a 150 tower that works out to 330
feet. Since most ropes come on a 600 foot spool, it'll be enough for you and a

     For tag lines, 1/4" polyprop or similar is fine. It's light and cheap. 

Cheers,  Steve  K7LXC

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