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Date: Sun, 21 Jun 1998 14:56:58 EDT
I should have added that we have 1/2" braided Dacron Tm which handles better
for medium to heavy duty jobs.  <<Ref braided Dacron Tm:  I agree with
Davd,WA4EMR and Roy, N8YYS, and my esteemed colleague, Press Jones, N8UG as to
this type of rope being the best for subj application and many other hauling
situations.  After having personally used double braided (vs. single braid)
Dacron Tm rope for gin poles, hauling shingles, and as a support line for my
220 lb. "frame" on roofs and rock ledges where a safety belt does not apply,
and also selling it to hams, commercials and marine, I can attest to it.
However, let's keep everything in prospective as well.  My opininion is that
one uses at least 5/16" rated from 1200 lbs with a high safety factor to 1700
lbs.  Two reasons for this:  You (and perhaps several others on the ground)
need to "handle " it which is where the diamater of the rope, and the type of
rope (which reflects slippage and abrasion resistance, Dacron double braided
being excellent), comes to play and secondly, the safety factor.  If you are
hauling as big as R55 at 90 lb./section and it gets "hung up", i.e. affixed
solidly, you can be comfortable that up to 8 or so 200 lb hams (OM's or
YL's!!) can be literally "hanging" on this rope before somebody announces that
the section ain't going upany further up, and you don't worry about breakage.
So, think  of  load rating and safety factor in terms of the "what if's".
Then think also about abrasion resistance, particularly in permanently
installed situations where frequent rubbing, or hauling through sheaves, is
present.  DOUBLE  braided Dacron Tm is also excellent for abrasion resistance
and for tieing and untieing various knots, even well into the older ages of
the rope left installed on the structure.  The only time you will have knot
untie problems with various types of non metallic rope is when water freezes
the knots.  Regarding U.V. effects, as Press pointed out and has tested, the
Synthetic Textiles double braided Dacron Tm is excellent, as it is treated
appropriately for U.V. resistance.  Hope this is of some help. 73, Steve
Davis, K1PEK  >>
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