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[TowerTalk] city council horror

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Subject: [TowerTalk] city council horror
From: (Brian Harris)
Date: Mon, 22 Jun 1998 00:38:26 -0700
Tower Lovers,

Tomorrow night (Monday 23rd) there will be a city council meeting in Plano, 
Texas.  The start time is unknown but is usually around 5 or 5:30.  Item Q on 
the agenda is a proposal to place a moratorium on the issuance of any new 
building permits for 'amateur radio towers' for six months pending an 
examination of the existing tower ordinance.

This topic is a result of the erection of my tower and my neighbor(s) reaction 
to it.  Should any listees live in Plano and own a piece of property, it would 
prudent for you to be there to speak.  You will have to call the city council 
(972-461-7107) to register as a speaker.  Your time will be limited and your 
agenda should be specific, relevent, mature and short.

If you have not seen my tower and wish to do so before the meeting, it is 
located at 3521 Teakwood Lane.  Although my tower is relativly safe from city 
tampering, I am extremely concerned about the ability of amateurs in the future 
to erect the tower of their choice.

Thanks for your time,

Brian Harris WA5UEK
972-644-1610 work  

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