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[TowerTalk] Where found Daiwa MR-750U motors ??

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Where found Daiwa MR-750U motors ??
From: Eduardo" < (Eduardo)
Date: Tue, 23 Jun 1998 09:59:21 +0200
    Hi to all... I am Eduardo EA2ATV from Spian..
    I have a question to do if anybody  in USA or any another place can help
    I am using as rotator a Daiwa MR-750E, form arround some years ago... I
think the rotator have arround 8-9 years old... is a Multi-Torque rotator
who can admite a maximum of 4 motors everyone called MR-750U by Daiwa...and
when buy the rotator is whith a single motor  and can giving more brake
power and
torque putting more motors
    This rotator is before Daiwa was absorved by Yause at less is the info
here now here Yaesu in Spain sold the Daiwa prodeuct ... but this rotator is
before of tat and the actual distributors in Spain have not any info about
where can obtein info about the motors of this rotator...
    Well I ask if anybody in any place know any place where can found this
to give more brake power and torque to my rotator...I repeat the exactly
model of the motor is: MR-750U for the MR-750E rotator... every motors have
a size similar to a cigarete box...
    Well all info can give me will be very apreciatted and please answer me
to my personal email:

    TNX in advance
    73 de Eduardo EA2ATV
            EA2ATV - Eduardo Salinas
            P.O.Box 11046 - Zaragoza - 50080 - Spain

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