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Date: Tue, 23 Jun 1998 16:31:48 EDT
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<< For those who are interested... the city of Plano DID pass a 6 month
 moratorium on the issuance of amateur radio tower permits.  This is so
 they can "review" the situation.  The are planning to have some local
 hams on the review committee, from what I hear.

If  you really examine the incredible power that local municipailites and
subdivisions have in their ability to enact ordinances and covenants, it is
scary. The good news/bad news is that they are only selectively able to
enforce them. They can go after a ham tower and ignore junked cars. 

I live in a 40,000 acre "subdivision" on open range with wild horses and deer
in a county with a total population of 3,000. Since our land was officially
subdivided, it does have covenants. Fortunately, they do not address radio
towers. Last weekend, my wife found out that the homeowners association has
received 30 complaints about my tower in the last 6 months. They are
discussing how to modify the covenants to outlaw towers. Give me a break!!!

Tom, K5RC/7
Virginia City, NV

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