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[TowerTalk] More city council horror

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Subject: [TowerTalk] More city council horror
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Date: Tue, 23 Jun 1998 22:09:12 EDT
At 06:18 PM 6/23/98 -0500, Raymond Dave-CSUS04 wrote:
>Don't assume that because you live in the country you're immune from
>such probems.  I just built a house 2 years ago on 30 acres about 30
>miles west of Des Moines. . . it's very rural here.  The county just
>notified me 2 weeks ago that I need building permits for my 90' and 130'

Ditto Dave

I moved to a 13 acre site and more less the same thing happened, that was
10 years ago.

I lost my 15M tower 15 Months ago due to a nicopress fitting failure.  I
reinstalled the
tower last July. In September I was cited for installing a tower without a
permit.  I have
been going round and round with the new guard for almost 9 Months.  They
wanted site plan and
a WI PE to sign off on everything.  I did that, now the want a failure
analyst because the tower
is not 100% set back just 85%.  I am in the middle of that now.  
They have also attempted to involve my other 3 towers.  

I wonder about contest stations in the future.

73 Paul

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