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Subject: [TowerTalk] Gin Poles by WB0W
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Date: Tue, 23 Jun 1998 22:14:50 -0700
The WB0W GIN POLE can now be ordered with a V pulley for cable, or cuped
pulley or the standared flat pulley for rope. We found out a flat pulley
will cause the rope to rub against the side of the head. A cuped pulley
can cause the rope to be pinched against the side and is noticable by
tiny snags seen as couple strings in the strand of the rope pulled lose
or broken. I prefer the flat pulley but can provide eather. AS of May 98
all WB0W gin poles are HOT Galvanised and use all grade 8 bolts, washer
and nuts that are galvanised. I'm always glad to hear my ginpole being
discused, We listen and make changes that improve the gin poles that we
sell, we been building ginpoles since 1985 and made many changes over
the years. We also sell the rope 5/16" Sythetic textile Double Dacron
1260# and the 1/2" Rinho that has a working load of 1800#.
Thanks Gaylen
WB0W, Inc.

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