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Date: Wed, 24 Jun 1998 00:15:17 EDT
In a message dated 98-06-23 21:44:13 EDT, you write:

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 >      I'm afraid that if it were me , I'd have told THEM to "Take A Hike" !!  
 > I
 >  sure as heck would'nt have paid them any money for a "permit"  on
 >  that I already installed years ago !! Plus was told by "city officials"
 >  that I did'nt need any permit because there was no code on the subject ! 
 >  Call me a trouble maker if you like , but I'd have made THEM prove to me
 >  a court that I needed the permit . These people are elected are they not?
 >  They work for us don't they . I think that they are just money hungry
 >  (who***) and go after easy targets , like hams who do not wish to make
 >  trouble . Next thing you know we will have to put little stickers on our
 >  towers and register them every  year !!!!  Opps.....  guess I should not
 >  give THEM any ideas , THEY may be listening !!!! Just my opinion.  :-)
      Whoa, Easy, big fellah. With that attitude you'd wind up with LESS than
 zero. THEY hold all the cards. THEY tell you what is possible. THEY levy
 fines. THEY issue building permits. 
       YOU got squat.
 Cheers,  Steve  K7LXC

I disagree with K7LXC on this one.  The installation was performed in
with all laws in existance at the time.  The city has no grounds to complain
now - "ex post facto" laws are prohibited by the US Constitution.  Any
reasonably competent lawyer could have won this one half asleep.  We need
to stop letting all these damn tin-horn dictators and busybodies restrict our
private property rights more and more each day.  We're losing our rights
because we we're letting it happen.

Mike, K3AIR
Council member, Saxonburg PA
"No anti-antenna laws in MY town!"

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