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[TowerTalk] city council horror

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Subject: [TowerTalk] city council horror
From: (Steve Hurst)
Date: Tue, 23 Jun 1998 22:35:27 -0600
Steve , 

        So are you saying that we should just roll over and play dead whenever
some county official comes to our door and slaps a fine on us ?? For
whatever reason ??  Sorry .... but I tend to think that the Constitution
gives me more than just "squat" !!!
There is such a thing as property rights ( last time I checked anyway ) ,
and the "persuit of happiness" is there not ?? Yeah , your right I do have
an attitude !!!  :-) 

Steve Hurst
KA7NOC  ( southern Idaho )

" I'm cooler than you are. Why don't you fix your little problem and light
this candle ?"
Alan B. Shepard

> From:
>      Whoa, Easy, big fellah. With that attitude you'd wind up with LESS
> zero. THEY hold all the cards. THEY tell you what is possible. THEY levy
> fines. THEY issue building permits. 
>       YOU got squat.
> Cheers,  Steve  K7LXC

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