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[TowerTalk] city council horror

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Subject: [TowerTalk] city council horror
From: (Kurt Andress)
Date: Tue, 23 Jun 1998 22:25:44 -0700
K3AIR comments
> I disagree with K7LXC on this one.  The installation was performed in
> compliance
> with all laws in existance at the time.  The city has no grounds to
> now - "ex post facto" laws are prohibited by the US Constitution.  Any
> reasonably competent lawyer could have won this one half asleep.  We need
> to stop letting all these damn tin-horn dictators and busybodies restrict
> private property rights more and more each day.  We're losing our rights
> because we we're letting it happen.
> Mike, K3AIR
> Council member, Saxonburg PA
> "No anti-antenna laws in MY town!"

Way to go, Mike!
I don't completely disagree with Steve, because the immediate alienation of
the "do-gooders" can make life more difficult.
Sometimes, one has to humor the idiots. to get them to pay attention. After
they get completely anal, one needs to use all of the 2x4's in the arsenal.

If they get too stupid around here, I want to move to your area.
The really funny thing, about all of this stuff, which is exactly what you
addressed, is that the "they folks" are more than happy to continue to let
the auto junk yards collect, and the building code violations go
uncontested. Then, some ham puts up a tower that somebody's wife doesn't
like, and the world goes upsidedown! Go Figure.
It is plain and simple discrimination! Today, anyone, who wants to do
anything, has to become involved in local politics, just to figure out who
not to offend with his project. 
We need to remind them that their responsibility is for the public safety,
they seem to tell us that often enough. If my tower falls on my own land or
the adjacent unoccupied land of another, I'll remove it immediately, with
the help of my neighbor, I buy the beer! And, it couldn't possibly affect
the public safety because the area is NOT OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. 
Congratulations for serving as a responsible council member!

73, Kurt

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