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Subject: [TowerTalk] Re:MFJ 259B
From: (pmarkham)
Date: Wed, 24 Jun 1998 11:01:41 -0400

On 24 Jun 98, at 13:02, K4SB wrote:

> I still love it, but this is absolutely the last time I will ever buy from
> MFJ directly.

  Thanks for the insight and update concerning the 259. I am a lot closer to 
owning one, now.

  Those companies that sell direct and compete with their dealers are asking
for trouble. A good rule of thumb is to do retail business with your local 
after making sure that an ethical wholesale-retail distribution system exists.
To avoid undercutting their dealers it is appropriate for MFJ to charge list 
retail sales. I have ordered parts directly from MFJ, as the economics do not 
make it profitable for dealers I patronize  to special order parts without 
me for time, shipping and handling. I have been happy with the parts pricing 
and service from MFJ for some 6 orders over about 8 years.

  Regarding quality control; always room for improvement... ;-)


  The meek will not inherit the Earth. 

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