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[TowerTalk] city council horror

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Subject: [TowerTalk] city council horror
From: (Thomas R. Williams)
Date: Wed, 24 Jun 1998 13:01:50 -0400

It's very easy for one to say that you should stand up for your rights,
but I agree with Steve - they hold the ropes! If you have ever been
involved in a situation like this you would know that the very best
thing to do is follow the law and avoid legal litigation AT ALL COSTS.
Pay the $62 and be happy they let you go with that. I know of someone
who installed a 200' tower without a permit, refused to take it down,
paid mucho bucks to defend himself, and still had to remove the tower. I
successfully argued for a change in my town's zoning for ham antennas,
but was disappointed that they only allow a 60' limit. Special use
permit is $125 and building permit is $10. Small price to pay
considering that previously they limited antennas and support structures
to 50 POUNDS, with the special use permit $5000 and building permit
$250! At the advice of an ARRL VC, I agreed to the new terms. BTW, the
VC has been doing legal battle with his neighbor concerning a trucking
business being run out of the neighbor's home. He has spent over $15K so
far and was turned down by the courts last time we chatted.

Tom N2CU

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