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[TowerTalk] I promise , my last words on the subject !!!!

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Subject: [TowerTalk] I promise , my last words on the subject !!!!
From: (Steve Hurst)
Date: Wed, 24 Jun 1998 20:58:24 -0600
Tower Gang, 

        This is positively the last you will hear from me on this subject !  I
thought that Dave ( W0FLS ) said that he had had his tower up for two years
. During construction of his house and tower, he had had building
inspectors come on his site to inspect his house and had asked about the
tower ? Being told from county inspectors that there was no need for such a
permit, no laws on the books. Then two years later , someone shows up
saying he needs a permit for said tower and engineering data ! Right ?  
        I fully understand the reason why such permits and CC & R's are in 
I just can't understand how the county can change the laws and then go
around looking for folks ( such as Dave ) who never received the permit
because there was no law at that time requiring one. He even made a point
of asking about it and was told he did'nt need one. Yes , $62.00 is very
cheap to get someone off your back. But where to we draw the line ? Also
gang, if you knew me , you would know that some of my posts to reflectors
is meant with a little humor, lifes to short to be so serious all the time.
So look for the smiley faces in my posts. That indicates something I
thought was funny  ! 
        Also the comments by Steve , K7LXC, were very true. It's sad that we 
given away some ( not all ) of our property rights to the counties , so
that they can regulate us to death ! But no one want's a junk yard next
door do they ? All you guys made sence , its a tough battle. No one said
life was easy did they ??? :-)    See , there's that smiley face !!!  :-)  
        Ok onto tower talk !!!!  Great list BTW !!  Just FYI , I'm 
to be putting up a tower soon . And appreciate all the great brains out
there giving helpful tips and tricks to getting up a good system. I've got
ten flat acres for the "farm". Am I going to check for a building permit ?
As they say in Idaho .....  " You Bet" !!!  :-)

Steve Hurst
KA7NOC  ( southern Idaho )

" I'm cooler than you are. Why don't you fix your little problem and light
this candle ?"
Alan B. Shepard

> From: Raymond Dave-CSUS04 <>
> To: Towertalk <>;; Steve
Hurst <>
> Subject: RE: [TowerTalk] city council horror
To: <>
> Date: Wednesday, June 24, 1998 9:12 AM
> Steve:
> No offense, but with that kind of approach (and attitude), I suspect
> you'd have serious trouble ever getting anything approved.  The law is
> clearly on their side if you don't have a permit.  I would guess that
> telling them to "take a hike" would have only started a nasty round of
> discussion which would have escalated into something which would not
> result in getting the permit (or end up costing several K in attorney's
> fees).  $62 is a pretty cheap price to pay to keep my 90' Rohn 45 and my
> 130' rotating Rohn 55, keep enjoying the hobby, and sleep at night. .
> .don't you think??
> 73. . . Dave
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