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[TowerTalk] The D40 Cuscraft or other 40m Dipoles

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Subject: [TowerTalk] The D40 Cuscraft or other 40m Dipoles
From: (Steve Lawrence)
Date: Wed, 24 Jun 1998 21:02:05 -0800
Thanks K7LXC, K9SQG, N4OO, W7OX for your responses re: the Cushcraft D4
10-15-20-40 rotary dipole.

I may be able to use the Cushcraft D40 single band version. Spec says
length is 42.25 feet. Is that the max length for the low end 7000 or a
"mid" setting. If so, anyone set it for the bottom end of 40 for lowest
SWR? What is the length at that point?

Comments on the Hy-Gain Disc 7-1, M2 40M1L, KLM 40M1B and Force 12 EF 140
and EF 140S also appreciated.

Want to op 7000 to 7200 with reasonable SWR. Preference is CW but with rare
excursions to phone land.

Thanks & 73, Steve WB6RSE

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