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[TowerTalk] Re: more - Practical Tips?

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Re: more - Practical Tips?
From: (Bill Hider, N3RR)
Date: Thu, 25 Jun 1998 04:36:29 +0100
While I don't disagree with either Steve or Dale, I think that it's a little 
on advice.  Three things in addition:

Buy and read, read and re-read the following two books (both published by and
available from ARRL):

Yagi Antenna Desgin by Dr James L. Lawson, W2PV (SK)
Physical Design of Yagi Antennas by David B. Leeson, W6QHS (nowW6NL) (NOT! SK)

Also, take a tour of my website, and come back periodically to it, since, as you
will see, it has (or will have) GOBS of info of the type you seek. URL:

I might add that there is NO FIXED methodology for installing a 100 foot tower!
Everyone has different goals: DX, Contests, HF, VHF, Packet, etc, etc.
And there is no be-all/cure-all tower.  It's like asking: "Should I buy a car 
or a
truck and what one?"  The answer: "Yes, by all means!"

So, you have to decide on what your goals are, ask a question, learn a little 
more, ask a question, learn a bit more, ask another question, learn a bit
more....Then, when your own confidence level reaches that point where you feel
comfortable, you'll know it and you'll buy, assemble, and install your own tower
SYSTEM.  The operable word is SYSTEM, since there are no two alike!  (This is 
because no two identical towers are installed in the SAME hole!!


Bill, N3RR
N3 Ring Rotor
Authorized TIC Ringrotor Representative. wrote:

> In a message dated 98-06-24 22:53:02 EDT, writes:
> > I feel that asking for tips from those who have done it (erecting a
> >  tall tower) is fair game. I have a heavy duty crankup with KT-34a
> >  and 40m beam in the city, but something on that scale is beyond
> >  my experiences.
> >
> >  I doubt installing a 100' tower is rocket science, but I was hoping
> >  to collect words of wisdom from those who trodded the path before.
> >
> >  >                                      Subject:  Practical Tower Tips, etc
> >  > Brian;
> >  > It is really too bad you didn't learn much from this reflector.  You
> might
> >  > consider some of the following....and this is serious, not tongue-in-
> cheek:
> >  >
> ( a bunch snipped)
> >  > 4. Read some books about antennas, erection, towers, etc.  If you did so,
> >  >     you would at least have enough knowledge to NOT ask a question like
> >  >     "how do I put up a 100 foot tower".  There are many good books
> around.
> >  >     Spend some money on them.
> >  >
>        Okay, okay. While Dale's advice was pretty in-your-face, I have to
> agree with his general direction.
>       Brian, it takes years to learn a lot about building towers and antenna
> systems. Your initial question about "what antenna farm should I build?" was
> so broad as to be meaningless. Your second post that covered 80M verticals,
> wire antennas, 100 foot towers, stacks of yagis and more was more of the same
> unfocused inquiry. It's like asking what kind of vehicle should I buy? In the
> case of TowerTalk, you'll get about 1100 different answers.
>      You need to do more homework and research. I would start with the
> extensive TowerTalk archives. They go back a year or so. Read and learn.
> They're at
>      Next, LURK. Out of over 1100 TowerTalkians, only a small fraction of us
> actually post something. The rest are learning something. Lurk and learn.
>      Don't let me discourage you from posting a question. While there's no
> such thing as a dumb question on TowerTalk, a thoughtful question will
> generate thoughtful answers.
>      Unfortunately I'm not familiar with any book (that's currently available)
> that covers the topic so I'm not really sure which ones Dale are referring to.
> I've been working on one that I'm hoping will be available later this year but
> it's not ready yet. Our tribander comparison report will be available in a
> week or so (THAT'LL be some interesting reading) and I'm hoping to have The
> Tower Compendium Volume 1 out later this year as well (am I'm biting off more
> than I can chew? hmm.). Check out for more information.
>       TowerTalk was started a couple of years ago to be a resource (the only
> one so far) for people who had questions about tower and HF antenna
> installations and construction. There are some pretty knowledgeable people on
> TowerTalk (including K5MM) who are more than happy to add their comments to a
> wide variety of these topics. We WANT to answer your questions. Hopefully our
> comments will allow anyone to build their dream system safely and reliably.
> EVERYONE on TowerTalk started not knowing anything so if there's anything we
> can do to help keep someone out of trouble, we're thrilled.
> Cheers,   Steve  K7LXC
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