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[TowerTalk] Method for Taping cables to your tower

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Method for Taping cables to your tower
From: (Lowell, Mark)
Date: Thu, 25 Jun 98 09:27:07 -0400

I recently posted a question about attaching cables to the tower. Thank
you to thise who responded. For those of us readers (including myself) who
are looking for good basic how-to information, I have paraphrased the
responses I received for posting:


  Run your coax cable and control wires up inside the framework of the
tower, next to one of the legs. This way, the tower provides two types of
protection. First, the tower will protect the lines mechanically from
falling/flying tree limbs, tools, antenna parts, etc (during tower work or
a storm), haul lines, or anything else that may bang into or snag on the
tower. Second, the tower cage acts like a faraday shield to help protect
the lines electrically from EMP (nearby lightning) and direct tower hits
from lightning.
  Scotch 33+ or 88 makes an excellent cable clamp that, when applied
correctly, will withstand the rigors of weather, the sun, and time. Do NOT
use cheap vinyl electrical tape unless you like climbing and duplicating
your efforts. Start taping at the top and work your way down, taping every
5 feet - that's twice per tower section. Lift the lines up slightly before
each taping to take the strain off of the cables. This way, each tape wrap
is only supporting the weight of the 5 feet of cabling below it. Start
each tape point with two turns around the tower leg itself, then 4 turns
around the cables, snugging them gently with moderate tension. Apply each
new turn over the previous one with 100% overlap - do not spread the turns
out. Cut the tape free from the roll, do not pull it off until it breaks.
Now wrap 4 turns in the opposite direction with light tension. Cut it free
from the roll and do NOT apply any tension to the tape on the last turn.
This way, residual tension in the tape will not pull the free end loose
over time, avoiding "flagging".
 Using screw clamps or beefy cable ties pulled tight may run the risk of
squashing coax cables enough over time to disturb their transmission

   Gloucester, VA

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