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Subject: [TowerTalk] Long rotor cable run
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Date: Thu, 25 Jun 1998 08:28:35 -0500
Jan, you can run cable to a rotor at ANY distance you chose. You simply
have to know the demands of the rotor, and then match the size of wire to
it. Before you chose the rotor, be sure that full specs are available as
to amperage requirements of each of how many conductors. The rest is
There are gimmicks used quite often, such as moving the capacitor from
the control box to the rotor on Ham 4's, etc., but if you want a warranty
that will stick, use the mfr's specs.
We stock a dozen sizes of rotor cable, and will happy to help.
Press Jones, N8UG, The Wireman, Inc., Landrum, SC, 29356
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Tech help (864)895-4195 or
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On Thu, 25 Jun 1998 08:37:31 -0400 "Jan L. Ditzian"
<> writes:
>I am putting up a tower at the top of my hill, about 600 feet
>from the hamshack.  I do not yet have a rotor, but I wondered if
>others who have faced a distance like this have any
>tried-and-true tricks for powering the rotor at this distance. 
>There is no electric power near the tower.  
>Does anyone have a recommendation on wire type, power conversion,
>etc.? Cost is an object, but I would like to know what has worked
>in the past.
>Jan, KX2A
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