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Date: Thu, 25 Jun 1998 09:53:32 EDT
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> I am putting up a tower at the top of my hill, about 600 feet
>  from the hamshack.  I do not yet have a rotor, but I wondered if
>  others who have faced a distance like this have any
>  tried-and-true tricks for powering the rotor at this distance. 
>  There is no electric power near the tower.  
>  Does anyone have a recommendation on wire type, power conversion,
>  etc.? Cost is an object, but I would like to know what has worked
>  in the past.

     Most rotators use a similar scheme for motor control and indicator. Their
operation is sensitive to voltage drop so the proper sized cable is real
important. Hy-Gain recommends the following:

Max. length            Gauge for Terminals 1 & 2        Term. 3-8
125'                             #18
200                               16
300                               14
500                               12
800                               10

      If you've got some smaller wire, you can twist multiple conductors
together to give you a 'bigger' wire size. 

      The well-known technique of mounting the Hy-Gain starting capacitor
close to the rotator is a good one. I think the Japanese rotators use DC
motors and I'm not sure about the Orion.

Cheers,  Steve   K7LXC    Professional tower supplies and more!

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