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[TowerTalk] MFJ 259 and dummy loads

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Subject: [TowerTalk] MFJ 259 and dummy loads
From: gdaught6@leland.Stanford.EDU (George T. Daughters)
Date: Thu, 25 Jun 1998 08:38:58 +0008

mike wrote...


> It was reading erroniously, so we hooked it to a dummy load. Kinda funny
> the dummy load was showing 100 ohms on the meter and flat SWR. 
> How can that be?

measure the dummy load with an ohmmeter.  i've cooked a couple of my 
dummy loads pretty badly.  (these are air-cooled jobs)  when they are 
cooked "rare" they are 50-60 ohms.  when they are "medium" they are 
70-100 ohms; "well done" is 100-infinity.  

by "flat SWR" do you mean SWR=1, or do you mean SWR is independent of 
frequency?  if it's 1.0 and the resistance is 100 ohms, then the MFJ 
probably needs help.  if the resistance is 100 ohms and the SWR 
(somewhere near 2.0?) and independent of frequency, then your dummy 
load probably needs help!

just a thought.


George T. Daughters, K6GT

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