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From: (Rick Dougherty NQ4I)
Date: Mon, 29 Jun 1998 04:45:28 -0400
Hi all...this past week the wife and I were on the train from London to we approached the town of Rugby, I could see that there
were 8 fairly tall towers in the we neared the site of these
towers, there were indeed 8 large towers over 400 ft in height and they had
a wire strung from each...didn't appear to be a rhombic though...well there
were a lot more than 8 the train breezed by I could see
hundreds of smaller towers/ appeared that they were like 8
square arrays, and there was over 30 sites with what looked like 8 towers
per site...didn't see any other ahm type antennas in my visit to
England...but needless to say I was really impressed with what I saw at
Rugby...any of our UK Bretheren care to expound on what I had seen??

de Rick NQ4I

ps the rebuilding of antennas at NQ4i is starting soon...

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